Why Major in Sociology?

Courses in sociology teach you to take a sociological perspective of the world you live in. The family you grew up in and the groups you are members of are social structures, the schools or churches you’ve attended and the employers you may work for are social institutions -- all with rules, hierarchies, boundaries. Society at large and the multitude of groups that make it up have implicit and explicit ways of operating and hierarchies that are maintained. Learning about these structures, institutions and groups will help you better navigate them or perhaps even influence positive changes within them.

As a student majoring in sociology you have an opportunity to obtain the excellent communication, interpersonal relations and critical thinking skills that employers look for and that make for good citizens. Sociology majors learn to analyze both at the small and big picture level, to understand how perspectives influence how we view life. 

Famous people who have studied sociology include: Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, Michelle Obama and Robin Williams.