Grad Students

Sima Ghaddar

Contact Information

Office  Haines A83

Fields of Study

Political Sociology, Social Movements and State Building, Middle East Politics, Qualitative Methods, Ethnography


Book Chapters:

Cambanis, Thanassis, Dina Esfandiary, Sima Ghaddar, Walid Hanna, Aron Lund, and Renad Mansour. 2020. Hybrid Actors: Armed Groups and State Fragmentation in the Middle East. The Century Foundation Press.

Ghaddar, Sima. 2017. “Second Class Citizenship: Lebanese women fight to pass nationality to women and children.” in Arab Politics Beyond the Uprising: Experiments in an era of resurgent authoritarianism, edited T. Cambanis and W. Hanna. The Century Foundation Press.

Policy Research Reports:

Ghaddar, Sima. 2018. “Challenging the Status Quo in Lebanon’s Upcoming Elections,” The Century Foundation.

Ghaddar, Sima, and Lily Hindy. 2017. “A Nation in Pieces: Views from Syrians in Exile.”

Ghaddar, Sima. 2016. “Machine Politics in Lebanon’s Alleyways,” The Century Foundation.

Grants and Awards

2018 - 2023 Kerr Foundation Fellowship, Center for Near Eatern Studies (CNES), UCLA

2018 - Dean Scholar Award, UCLA

2020 - Graduate Student Research Mentorship Fellowship (GSRM), UCLA Graduate Division

2021 - Graduate Student Research Mentorship Fellowship (GSRM), UCLA Graduate Division

2021-2022 Irving and Jean Stone Fund for International and Undocumented Graduate Students, UCLA Center for the Study of Women

2021-2022 Mosafer Centennial Fund for Near Eastern Scholars Center for Near Eastern Studies (CNES), UCLA

Conference Presentations

2019 - "Ethnic Politics and Political Party Competition in 1960s Lebanon: State Building During the Chehabist Era," Middle East Studies Association (MESA)


Gail Kligman, Kevan Harris, Ching Kwan Lee


Master of Arts in Sociology, UCLA, 2020

Master of Science in Political Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Minor in Philosophy, the American Univeristy of Beirut (AUB), 2013