Grad Students

Rohan Advani

Contact Information

Office  Not Available

Fields of Study

Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Middle East and North Africa, Singapore


"Sowing Scarcity: Syria's Wheat Regime from Self-Sufficiency to Import-Dependency," Jadaliyya, February 16, 2021

"A Pit(i)less Blame Game at the Beirut Port of Institutional Corruption,” The Public Source, September 22, 2020.

The Imperious Interventions of Gulf Capital,” Middle East Research and Information Project, August 28, 2019.

“A Realm Without Rights: Noncitizen Workers and Exclusive Citizenship in the Gulf,” in Thanassis Cambanis and Michael Wahid Hanna (eds.) Citizenship and its Discontents: The Struggle for Rights, Pluralism, and Inclusion in the Middle East. (New York: TCF Press, 2019), 134-159

Pockets of Privilege: A Historical, Spatial, and Political Economy Analysis of Industrial Zones in Palestine,” New Middle Eastern Studies 7 (2017).

Grants and Awards

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award, Graduate Division, UCLA, June - September 2022.

Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award, Graduate Division, UCLA, September 2020 – June 2022.

Center for Near Eastern Studies Support, UCLA, September 2020 – September 2022.

Graduate Fellowship, Graduate Division, UCLA, September 2020 – June 2026.

Falak Sufi Memorial Essay Prize, New York University, April 2018.

Henry M. MacCracken Fellowship, New York University, September 2016 – May 2018.

The Regional and Comparative Studies Medal, Georgetown University, May 2016.

Conference Presentations

“Forming Finance: The Establishment of a Domestic Financial Sector in the Persian Gulf, 1952-1973,” Presented at the Middle East Studies Association Annual Conference, November 29 – December 5, 2021.

“Banking as Freedom: Developing Finance and Financing Development in the Persian Gulf and Singapore (1952-1973),” Presented at Social Science Historical Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia, November 11-14, 2021.

Discussant (with Dr. Mona Fawaz) on Panel “Citizenship as Political Action: Innovative Approaches,” Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship, The American University of Beirut, October 2, 2019.

“Pockets of Privilege: A Historical, Spatial, and Political Economy Analysis of Industrial Zones in Palestine,” on Panel “Legacies of Colonial Cartography,” MESAAS Graduate Conference, Columbia University, 23 February, 2017.


Kevan Harris, Ching Kwan Lee.


M.A. in Near Eastern Studies, New York University (2018)

B.S.F.S. in Regional and Comparative Studies, Georgetown University (2016)