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Jennifer Uribe

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 Jennifer Uribe (they,them,she) is a graduate student in the department of Sociology at UCLA. In undergrad, they studied what factors influence racial and ethnic identity choices amongst second generation Afro-Latinxs. They found that gender was most important in defining racial identity. After college, they worked as a Research Assistant and Analyst in the spheres of Public Policy Evaluation and Public Opinion. This this led them to think more deeply about intra-group variability and analyzing the complexities of race and place more carefully alongside policy creation and evaluation. 

Their masters paper was concerned with the making of a legible Afro-Latinx identity in visual spaces, particularly with how Dominican cultural workers contend with their home country’s national patrimony and form visual landscapes in the US. They are still working on turning these findings and their undergraduate research into a publishable paper. If you would like to work together please contact them. 

For their dissertation they are turning to study questions of governmental failure in New York City along three axes: race, gender, and class. They are exploring how black women in the Bronx, New York make life within ecologies of disinvestment specifically public transportation and public housing. This project is concerned with the domestic sphere and has implications and significance for concepts of politics and power, current policy outcomes and their legacies, as well as reorganization of  interest groups and policy priorities. This project engages with black decolonial feminist concepts of justice and redress. If you would like to work together or have any specific insight to share, please contact them. 



Fields of Study

Decolonial Feminisms, Black Feminisms, Latinx Feminisms, Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Qualitative methods including art analysis and discourse analysis, Public Policy, Archival Methodology including historical processing and tracing, the Caribbean and Latin America, Spanish Language Interpretation and Translation


Grants and Awards

UCLA Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship 2018-2023 ($25,000 plus fees)

UCLA Black Feminist Interdisciplinary Research Award 2022 ($2,000)

UCLA Excellence in Teaching Award in the Department of Sociology 2020

UCLA Latin American Institute Tinker Field Foundation Pre-Dissertation Grant 2018 ($2,500)


Dr. Steven Clayman 


B.A. in Sociology, Anthropology and Spanish Colgate University, 2013

M.A in Sociology UCLA, 2020