Grad Students

Gabriel Suchodolski

Contact Information

Office  A56 Haines Hall

I'm currently working on three projects. First, on how patronage politics shape development projects and the process of territorial dispossession. Second, on how participatory schemes deployed by private organizations amidst environmental conflicts reshape local community politics. These two are based on ethnographic work I have conducted between 2012-17 in the Amazon region, Brazil. Third, I am interested in how infrastructural development, and specifically logistical corridors, produce change in communities and territories, tentatively comparing cases in Brazil, India, and Kenya.

As a Hilton Scholar at the WORLD Policy Analysis Center I am helping to build a database on vulnerable worker's rights across 195 countries. Our analysis of this new data will bring about novel findings on the distribution of rights and their outcomes, especially on public health, in global scale. 

For my dissertation, I hope to explore the relation between land and welfare policies and their impact on popular politics, on the one hand, and on the environment, on the other.

Fields of Study

Political Sociology; Social Movements; Development; Infrastructure and Land-use Policies; Environment & Natural Resources; Welfare Policies; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Ethnographic Methods; Brazil & India.

Grants and Awards

Hilton Scholar Award, WORLD Policy Analysis Center, UCLA (2017-19)

Latin American Institute Summer Research Grant, UCLA (2016)

Graduate Dean's Scholar Award, UCLA (2015-17)


MA Anthropology, Columbia University - 2014

MA Sociology, University of Rio de Janeiro State - 2011

BA International Relations, University of Sao Paulo - 2008