Grad Students

Eleni Skaperdas

Contact Information

Office  Haines 261A

Fields of Study

Medical Sociology, Women's Health, Knowledge, STS, Social Theory, Ethnography


Skaperdas, E., Tuepker, A., Nicolaidis, C., Robb, J., Kansagara, D., Hickam, D. (2014) Congestive heart failure self-management among US veterans: The role of personal and professional advocates. Patient Education and Counseling.

Timmermans, S., Tietbohl, C., & Skaperdas, E. (2016). Narrating Uncertainty: Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS) in Clinical Exome Sequencing. BioSocieties.

 Tuepker, A,. Kansagara, D., Skaperdas, E., Nicolaidis, C., Joos, S., Alperin, M., Hickam, D. (2014) “We’ve not gotten even close to what we want to do”: a qualitative study of early patient-centered medical home implementation. Journal of General Internal Medicine.

 Kansagara, D., Tuepker, A., Joos S., Nicolaidis, C., Skaperdas, E., & Hickam, D,. (2014) Getting performance metrics right: a qualitative study of staff experiences implementing and measuring practice transformation. Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Siple, J.F., Harris, E.A., Morey, J.M., Skaperdas, E.,Weinberg, K.L., Tuepker, A. (2015) Experiences of veterans from shared medical appointments: Barriers and motivators to self-management of diabetes. Federal Practitioner.

Grants and Awards

Elizabeth Blackwell, MD, Graduate Paper Award, 2017

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2016-2020

UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2016-2017

UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, 2015

Commendation for Excellence in Scholarship, Reed College, 2010


Stefan Timmermans, Hannah Landecker 


MA in Sociology, UCLA, 2016

BA in Psychology, Reed College, 2011