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Acton Jiashi Feng

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Acton Jiashi Feng is a Ph.D. student of sociology at UCLA. His research interests span cultural sociology, sociology of the family, and social stratification. His previous research examined educational assortative mating in contemporary China. For now, he is trying to understand (1) the relationship between regional culture and marital preferences in urban settings and (2) how people find their marital partners and whether meeting settings matter.

Fields of Study

Cultural sociology, sociology of the family, social stratification, mixed methods.


Acton Jiashi Feng. 2022. "Revisiting Horizontal Stratification in Higher Education: College Prestige Hierarchy and Educational Assortative Mating in China." Demography, 59(1):349–369.

Grants and Awards

Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award, UCLA, 2021.

Maroon Scholar Research Award, University of Chicago, 2019.

Alfred Reschke Social Science Scholarship, UW Madison, 2018.

Bromley Research Conference Travel Grant, UW Madison, 2018.

Phi Beta Kappa, 2018.


Omar Lizardo


M.A. in Social Sciences, University of Chicago, 2020

B.A. in Sociology, UW Madison, 2018