Partnership UCLA

Partnership UCLA strives to bridge academic theory to professional practice. We believe that Sociology students can, and should, begin preparing for their futures as part of the UCLA experience.In partnership with faculty, staff, alumni, employers, and the community, Partnership UCLA provides opportunities for Sociology students to grow their professional skill-sets. From classroom experiences, like our Careers in Sociology course, to co-curricular programs, like the Bruin Development Academy, our programs bring alumni and industry leaders to UCLA to teach our students how to succeed in their professional journey. 

Careers in Sociology



Careers in Sociology Course

Through interactive lessons and guest lectures, the Careers in Sociology course provides students with an opportunity to learn about the many components that go into making effective career decisions and the diversity of career options available to UCLA Sociology majors.

Bruin Development Academy

Helping students prepare for the world of work requires the support of our talented alumni network. Through intensive, hands-on training sessions, students participating in Bruin Development Academy have an opportunity to learn valuable skills from today’s industry leaders. These training sessions focus on strengthening students’ analytical thinking, communication skills, writing techniques and other industry-specific skills to provide them with a more comprehensive academic and applied skillset. Guest instructors from an accomplished pool of alumni and friends are brought in to share their experiences and professional advice.

Life After Degree

Distinguished alumni are invited to campus to share their experiences after graduation with current students, helping undergraduates explore real-world career opportunities available with a Sociology degree. These sessions are followed by a Q&A discussion and often time for networking.

UCLA Social Enterprise Academy

Since 2011, the UCLA Social Enterprise Academy has helped over 40 local nonprofits develop social enterprises.  This six-month, award-winning program connects undergraduate students with nonprofit organizations to identify earned income opportunities for each of their nonprofit organization. The program combines teamwork, expert training and individualized coaching in a comprehensive approach to help develop successful social enterprises. Training is led by UCLA faculty, alumni, and industry professionals.

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are key to exploring professional prospects. The UCLA Sociology Department, in partnership with Alumni Affairs, works with students to teach informational interview skills and connect them with alumni from the department. Through this program, students build their professional network and explore career options.


For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Annalee Shelton

Sr. Associate Director, Social Sciences Academic Engagement

(310) 367-0999  or

Office Hours: Thursdays 8:30-10:30am in Haines 264A