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Gary Yeritsian

Contact Information

Office  Haines A58B

Dissertation: "Social Media as Participatory Capitalism: A Critical Exploration of User and Audience Participation"

Fields of Study

Theory, Media, Culture


Broadly I am interested in theoretical and empirical investigations of social media, especially with respect to user participation, digital labor, and digital capitalism. My dissertation explores a number of contemporary forms of audience and user participation, locating social media management discourses in relation to the 'new' spirit of participatory capitalism and examining the contested dynamic between audience participation organized from above (via brand communities) and arising spontaneously from below (via semi-autonomous fan communities). COURSES TAUGHT: Culture and Personality; Marxist Critical Theory (original seminar); Self and Society; Economy and Society; Critical Theory for an Age of Crisis (original seminar); Contemporary Sociological Theory; Urban Sociology


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Gary Yeritsian, 'Capitalism 2.0': Web 2.0 Manifestoes and the New Spirit of Capitalism, Critical Sociology (2017). LINK

Other Publications

Gary Yeritsian and Joshua Bloom, 'Black Power,' in David A. Snow, Donatella Della Porta, Bert Klandermans, and Doug McAdam, editors, Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements (2013). LINK

Works in Progress

Participation From Above and From Below: Brand Community and the Contestation of Cultural Participation. In review.

Freedom Above Things: Nietzsche and the Artistic Critique of Capitalism. Journal article and book chapter.

Home Video Games and the Historical Rise of Prosumption.

Grants and Awards

UCLA Sociology Departmental Fellowship (2017-18)

UCLA Department of Sociology Excellence in Teaching Award (2015-16, 2014-15, 2013-14)

UCLA Mangasar Mangasarian Scholarship (2015-16, 2012-13)

UCLA Sociology Summer Research Award (2014)

UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship (2013, 2011)

UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship (2011-12)  

UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Thought and Action Award (2011)

Conference Presentations

Nietzsche and the Artistic Critique of Capitalism, Nietzsche & Critical Social Theory, San Diego State University (2017).

'Capitalism 2.0': Web 2.0 Manifestoes and the New Spirit of Capitalism, American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Critical Theory (regular session), Seattle, WA (2016).

-An earlier version of this paper, Welcome to 'Capitalism 2.0,' was presented in the UCLA Department of Sociology Theory Working Group (2015).

Social Media and the Diffusion of 'Participatory' Capitalism Through Space and Time, Alter-geographies: UCLA Department of Comparative Literature Annual Graduate Conference (2014).

Social Media and the Spirit of Post-68, ‘Participatory’ Capitalism, 12th Annual Graduate Conference, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, University of Miami (2013).


Stefan Bargheer

Douglas Kellner

Aaron Panofsky

Gabriel Rossman


C. Phil., Sociology, UCLA

M.A., Sociology, UCLA

B.A., History, University of Southern California