Political Sociology and the Global South

Welcome to the UCLA Political Sociology and the Global South Working Group!

We are an intellectual community of graduate students and scholars who share interests on the intersecting issues of Global South socioeconomic development and underdevelopment, political and social movements, labor, and state-society relations. Focusing on the developing world is a central element for us. We worry that much of the claims made in the name of ‘general sociology’ reflect instead the rather local experiences of the Western developed world. This group has been conceived upon the conviction that studying the multiple realities of the developing world can bring new insights into different areas of sociology. The meanings, dynamics, and analysis of “politics,” “development” or “collective agency” in the Global South require us to rethink many taken for granted paradigms and concepts.

This working group is open to all regardless of enrollment status.

Our meetings take place every other Friday in Haines 279, between 14:00-15:30 --unless otherwise specified.

FALL 2016

1. September 23rd: Introduction, Charter, Plan of Semester, etc.

2. October 7th: Fellowships application reviews.

3. October 21st: Student Paper Presentation:

Leydy Diossa (UCLA, Sociology)

Emma Colven (UCLA, Geography)

4. November 4th: William Robinson, Professor of Sociology UCSB

5. November 18th: Steven McKay, Professor of Sociology UCSC


1. January 13th: Student Paper Presentation (TBD)

Joel Herrera (UCLA, Sociology)

Pei Palgren (UCLA, Sociology)

2. January 20th: Phillip Hough, Sociology Florida Atlantic University (Skype presentation)

3. February 17th: Aihwa Ong, Anthropology UC Berkeley

4. March 3rd: Student Paper Presentation:

Andrew Le (UCLA, Sociology)

5. March 10,Yen Le Espiritu, Ethnic Studies UCSD .**2.30 - 4pm, video conference, CLICC Classroom A, Powell 307A**

Spring 2016

1. April 5th: Summer M. GrayAnthropology, UC Santa Cruz. Co-sponsored with the Ethnography working group. **Time and room TBD**

2. April 7st: Student Paper Presentation

Cory Mengual (UCLA, Sociology)

Dan Zipp (UCLA, Sociology)

3. April 28th: Leslie Salzinger, Gender and Women's Studies UC Berkeley. Co-sponsored with the Ethnography and the Gender Working Groups. 

4. May 5th: Political Sociology and the Global South Student Conference: Interdisciplinary Insights from the Global South. 

The UCLA Political Sociology and the Global South Working Group in collaboration with the Institute on Inequality and Democracy invites abstract submissions for an interdisciplinary graduate student conference. We welcome submissions from graduate students across the UCLA campus.

Keynote address: Professor CK Lee, Department of Sociology

Panel discussants: Professor Hannah Appel, Department of Anthropology; Professor Kevan Harris, Department of Sociology; Professor Eric Sheppard, Department of Geography

 Register HERE!

5. May 12th: Vivek Chibber, Sociology NYU

6. June 2nd: Student Paper Presentation

Ian Peacock (UCLA, Sociology)

Christina Chica (UCLA, Sociology)