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Alumnus Wendell Bell has published Memories of the FutureThis autobiography is filled with stories from Bell’s life—growing up in Fresno, California, serving as a navy pilot in WW2, going to college and graduate school after the war, and becoming a sociologist and a futurist. Wendell and Scott Greer were the first to receive their PhD of the then joint sociology-anthropology department at UCLA in 1952. The sociology faculty of Bell’s dissertation committee consisted of Leonard Broom, Donald R. Cressey, and Edwin M. Lemert. For his dissertation, Bell conducted a neighborhood study of the social areas of the San Francisco Bay area, mapping the social worlds into which the city was divided.

After a short stint at Stanford and Northwestern University, Bell returned to UCLA in 1958 and stayed as a professor until 1964. During this time, he taught introduction to sociology and urban sociology. His research interests shifted to Jamaica where he conducted survey research and in-depth interviews on the island’s turn to nationhood. The research resulted in the bookJamaican Leaders: Political Attitudes in a New Nation. Bell also started the West Indies Study Program at UCLA, which trained a generation of Caribbean researchers.

UCLA Alumni Day 2012

The 2012 Alumni Day was held on Saturday May 5, 2012. Thousands of UCLA alumni and their families and friends came to campus for a day of fun, good food, and lectures. Thank you for your support!

The 2011 Alumni Day was held on May 21st and featured the dedication of a new plaque to mark Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic speech at UCLA campus.

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